Religious Practices In China

Religious Practices In China 

China, a country in Asia, is one of the developed countries worldwide that is famous for its rich culture and different martial art forms. One of the unique martial art forms that have originated here is Kung Fu, on which the movie series of the same name has been created and enjoyed by the audience worldwide 马来西亚拜神香. The striking thing in Chinese cuisines is that they are aromatic, made with various mixtures, and look colourful. Besides this, many religious practices are practised in China. You will come to know about them in detail further below.

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Religions Followed In China

Since the traditional era, China has been a country where Chinese people practise multiple religions. One of the oldest philosophies that have been followed in China is Confucianism. It is also considered as an ideology that is believed by the feudalistic society there Jin Paper Malaysia. Since everyone did not follow Confucianism in China; therefore, many other religious practices gained popularity in China in the years ahead. As per the recent findings, around 85 per cent of the Chinese population are religious, and others are atheist. Those who are atheists in China don’t believe that deities exist and thus stay away from religious rituals. A few of the religions followed majorly in China are

  • Buddhism- It was brought to China around 2000 years ago, and since then, it has been the most widely followed region in China. Buddhism developed into three sects which are 
  1. Tibetan
  2. Han
  3. Southern Buddhism
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The key aspects that Buddhism influences are art, literature, and ideology. Most of the well-known poems have taken ideas from the Buddhist culture itself. This religion also has promoted China’s communications with other countries. 

  • Taoism- Its history came into existence in the Eastern Han Dynasty. As of now, around 350 Taoist temples exist in China, which has approximately 30,000 Taoists live. Taoism has its major influence on the literature and medicine in China. According to alchemist’s theory such as Wei Boyang, many medicines have been created in this culture. Jade Emperor, one of the fictional characters in Chinese literature, is related to Taoism. 
  • Christianity- Tang Dynasty is credited with introducing Christianity in China. After 1949, this religion spread widely across China. Around 30 million Chinese people follow Christianity, and there are around 98 parishes located in China. Most Christians are spread in the southern part of China.
  • Islam- This religion has been followed in China for the last 1400 years. Muslims mostly exist in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Gansu Province, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, and even Qinghai Province of China. The main class of Muslims in China are Sunnis.
  • Confucianism- It is a form of philosophy that has been practised since ancient times in China. The thoughts of Confucius inspire it. Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty is credited with spreading this philosophy widely in the parts of China. 

Thus, there are many religions been practised in China. Besides these, many traditional folk beliefs are followed by the people of China.